The ABC of faith

Jesus gives life worth to live!

How to become a believer?

    • Confess honestly, that you have sinned and are separated from God.
    • Confess all your sins to God and ask forgiveness from Him.
    • When needed, contact for example the pastor of the congregation, he can pray for you and guide you forward in your faith.

You can also pray the ”Sinner's prayer” with your own words or by following this example:

”Dear Jesus.

I know that I'm a sinner.

I know and I believe, that You have died on the cross because of my sins too.

I ask You to forgive me all my sins and mistakes and come live in my heart giving me a new life.

Thank you, that You will give me a new life and protect me as Your own.

Give me strength to repent and confess my sins both in front of God and people.

Lead me among other believers.


How to get into the church?

    • Contact believers who live near you and join the congregation's gatherings.
    • You can join the pentecostal church, when you first accept Jesus as your Saviour and after that get baptised.
    • When you've been baptised, you will be affiliated as a member of the congregation, without any payments, obligations etc.

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